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Hitman 2 (PC) - 0:43:47 - Christian Rotthues

Published 2005
Topics Hitman

Speed run of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin for PC on normal skill in 20 segments, completed on August 29 2005. Available in low, normal and high quality.

Author's comments:
01 - Anathema
This mission already gave me a hard time, as it took a while to come up with a good route. However, when I at last found the one running up the stairs, a door would bug and one couldn't open it. This problem was fixed by saving the game in the first second.

02 - St Petersburg Stakeout
A pretty straightforward one, but really sucky for a run as you have to randomly shoot one of the generals and killing a wrong one with a chance of 75%. My best time was 2-41, but I didn't have a recording program then :(

03 - Kirov Park Meeting
Here, you have to wait for the general to enter the park, since if you shoot him early, the mafia boss will will flee. "Running" only starts when you killed the general and run for his friend and the exit.

04 - Tubeway Torpedo
I hate the AK. However, it is the only weapon that you have which has the power of killing 20 guys in like no time, so use it while running through the camera-guarded area. Placing the bomb sucked in my run as i had a little problem with my inventory.

05 - Invitation to a Party
When you enter through the side door, take out the guard with the silenced pistol as the submachinegun is invaluable. You don't have anything to do anyway, because you have to wait for the ambassador to "show you" where to go for the general's suitcase.

06 - Tracking Hayamoto
The time you achieve in this level heavily depends on where Hayamoto Jr. will be when you enter the building. My best result here was 0-39 with the Ballers SD, but in this case he was a bit too far away from the house to get a score like that.

07 - Hidden Valley
When I start, I immediately rush behind the truck so that the sniper can't hit me. I take care of the guard, taking his uniform and then simply running to the exit.

08 - At the Gates
Finding a nice route is most important here, since if you're too careless, the mission will fail by default - I don't know why. I destroy the first generator by shooting at it which saves some seconds. Strafing left and right often helps against sniper fire.

09 - Shogun Showdown
When running to the first laser door, make sure to have the wooden pillar between you and the ninjas who come through the door, because it will save you some energy. Once up in the top room, shoot Hayamoto quickly and not at the window because the "Take Katana" and "Climb through Window" options sometimes mess up and you end up taking the sword... back in the house, always jump down the stairs as to save precious time. On the stairs back up from the basement wait for the ninja to open the door so you don't accidentally close it again. Then rush to the exit.

10 - Basement Killing
No need to take out the MP too early. You will want to save ammunition for the two guards guarding the elevator. Operating the latter is rather tricky and needs a bit of swiftness. If the first guard in the basement shoots at you, there is a good chance that the guards come out, giving you like a second to waste them. Shoot the computer, then your victim ( this locked door makes me despair *sigh*) and flee.

11 - Graveyard Shift
Run through the level, taking out the two guards and trigger the alarm by shooting the window. Rush to the admin's office, take the keycard and attach the dongle to the server; then run to the other building over the bridge.

12 - Jacuzzi Job
Blow the fuses asap. Nothing more, you can do all the rest (get the statue and the money and blow Charlie's brains out) until the technician arrives. Shoot him down and rush into the elevator. However, don't get too close to it as it will bug and not let you in.

13 - Murder at the Bazaar
Kill the guards without silencer to make the colonel flee. When you see him, take him down and take his key while shooting the guards in front of the lieutenant's home. With a bit of luck, the latter will come down the stairs or even out of his house, sparing you some seconds again. After killing him and taking his coordinates just rush to the exit.

14 - Motorcade Interception
Immediately rush up the stairs and the ladder onto the highest building, which triggers the motorcade. Then get the MI95, clear the way and shoot the Khan asap. Then rush to the exit.

15 - Tunnel Rat
Drop the MI95, blow the two soldiers in your way to pieces and get down into the tunnels. You don't need any disguise as the guards will set off the alarm anyway. Grab the M60 and kill all the guards on your way to your victim. Ride the elevator up and shoot the two nearby guards before the others can come up from the tunnels to finish the mission.

16 - Temple City Ambush
Brrr. This is too much random for me. I rush to the nearest possible location the agent can be at, hoping he'll be there. It took me like a hundred tries to get an overview of this damn maze city. The killers also appear randomly, which is why I have to use the map so often. :/

17 - The Death of Hannelore
Harr Harr. A simple M60 bloodshed mission. Not much to say, I just run as quickly as I can, obliterating every guard in sight.

18 - Terminal Hospitality
Random again. The Cult Leader will be placed in one of four rooms, which means you have to get to one of them and shoot. Of course, guards en masse - not a real problem for the M60, however. Did you know you can trigger the fibre wire killing animation when you get close enough to 17? I managed :)

19 - St Petersburg Revisited
No weapons. Run to the Building, walk along its side as to not make 17 draw his Deagle and kill him with the Fibre Wire. Grab the W2000 to take out the guard with the SP12, which is invaluable for the last mission.

20 - Redemption at Gontranno
Having to run in a level where there are like 10 sharpshooters really is an adrenaline kick. Your only chance is the SP12 with which you can get rid of them quite quickly. I tried the level 50 times and succeeded only once, however, as running too much will definitely kill you.

Run time 0:44:31
Producer Christian 'Rabbath' Rotthues
Audio/Visual sound, color


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